What You Need to Know Before Order ?

1.Check the category, service, link and quantity with each order. You may not be able to cancel after placing an order. once money added in the website we can't return it in your bank.

2.While you have an order in progress for a link, do not enter any order another service on the same link, otherwise a conflict may occur and your balance may be burned.

.जब आपके पास किसी Link के लिए कोई ऑर्डर in progress है, तो उसी Link पर किसी अन्य Service का ऑर्डर दर्ज न करें, अन्यथा विवाद हो सकता है और आपका balance नष्ट हो सकता है।

3.Please read the service descriptions carefully when ordering.
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